The fact that the Chevrolet Camaro is gone but not forgotten doesn't change the fact that it's still gone.

Tested: 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt SS Supercharged

When Chevy pulled the plug on that affordable muscle car afterit left only the Corvette to satisfy the bow-tie brand's horsepower junkies. The price leap from the Camaro to the Corvette was cavernous. Thus, horsepower crazies who were cost conscious were forced to get their fix elsewhere. After all, it wasn't as if dealers could push the rental-fleet Cavalier as a starting block from which to move into a Corvette although some of them probably tried.

A far cry from the rear-drive, Vpowered, pound Camaro—indeed, the pound SS Supercharged scorches its front tires with only a four-cylinder engine—it nonetheless performs within earshot of the old Z Our test vehicle, which resembled a sunburned lobster, ripped from 0 to 60 in just 5.

The last Z28 coupe we tested in February was quicker but not out of range to 60 in 5. Moreover, the Cobalt outgunned the Camaro on the skidpad The Dodge, armed with a hp turbocharged four-cylinder, is quicker to 60 5. Since we were unable to drive the two econo-rockets back-to-back, we'll reserve our in-depth comparisons for an upcoming test. But we can tell you that projecting a winner through a stretch of curvy mountain road or on a racetrack would be next to impossible.

Chevrolet Cobalt SS Supercharged

Creating a car with as much bang for the buck as an SRT4 is a formidable feat, but Chevy has arguably done it with the SS Supercharged. GM's Performance Division began with Delta architecture--the foundation for the lukewarm Saturn Ion--and bolted on a plethora of performance parts to get things boiling.

Underhood is the LSJ 2. To transfer the power, engineers opted for a Swedish-built FGP five-speed manual transmission--the same unit found in Saab's and shortened the throws to four inches for a sportier feel. The combo works. The five-speed, although not as precise or effortless as, say, the six-speed in an Acura RSX Type-S, is still a fluid and easy-to-use gearbox that makes driving the Cobalt fun, especially since the 2.

It's clear more muscle can be had from the LSJ, and the performance guys are putting together a kit to boost power to about With that many horses on tap, Chevy made sure the SS Supercharged could keep them corralled.

Around our local handling loop, the Cobalt displayed minimal body roll and understeer, as well as impressive front-end grip that felt enhanced by the LSD.SS is an abbreviation of Super Sporta historic moniker used by Chevrolet to denote high performance upgrades that meet certain criteria. The following year, a naturally aspirated 1SS model equipped with GM's new 2.

Production of the supercharged coupe continued untiland after a brief hiatus the SS relaunched in the second quarter of with a more efficient and powerful turbocharged 2.

See timeline. In a review, journalist Patrick George called it the best compact car ever made by General Motors, and a potential "future classic".

General Motors used five different inline-four engines in the Cobalt over the course of production, and designated three as SS models. It was available as a Supercharged coupe only. The naturally aspirated 2. The 2. It was initially available only as a coupe until a sedan option was offered for the model year but again deleted for after less than were produced. Compared to the base Cobalt, the SS has lower front and rear fascias for a more aggressive look with integrated fog lightsside rocker moldings, interior accents, and a chrome exhaust tip.

Exclusive to the 2. LSD was optional for models performance package came with LSD and was standard in models from to GM offered dealer-installed performance upgrade packages called "stage kits" that were covered by factory warranty. Wheel hop, wheelspinand a general lack of traction were problems frequently encountered with the supercharged Cobalt due to its front drive setup and relatively high torque.

Upgraded front and rear trans and motor mounts would help to alleviate these issues. The LSJ engine did not meet emissions requirements for the model year, and General Motors' contract with Eaton had expired.

To activate launch control, the driver presses twice on the traction control button which first turns off traction control, and then notifies the driver through the Driver's Information Center that Competitive Mode is active and launch control is ready for use. Turbocharged Cobalt owners have found that better times can be achieved while racing when the car is manually launched.

New for was the aforementioned four-door sedan option, as well as an optional "reconfigurable performance display" RPD for the coupe only. The kit can be installed by the owner of the car, but final alteration of the vehicle's engine control unit must take place at a GM dealer. It featured the 2. Brakes on the 2. Reviews of the supercharged Cobalt SS were generally positive.

While the Cavalier received very negative reviews, [13] the supercharged Cobalt was seen as an improvement, and a worthy first entry for GM into the tuner market. However, the general fit and finish was poor, and power levels were not up to par with other competitors. It's almost like it cut everything in half. Since the interior is hardly changed other than the seats, those criticisms remain.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Combined with the flexible engine, and especially considering the price, this is a really fine effort, a good package for a front-drive car.

The Columbus Dispatch. Archived from the original on November 8, Retrieved November 8, Lordstown Assembly Plant in northeastern Ohio, where the Cobalt was made Archived from the original on February 25, Cobalt resides at No. It's nature's industrial rust belt, the Lower Cuyahoga of the atomic scale.

Chevy probably chose the name because cobalt is used as a hardener in high-performance alloys such as those found in aircraft jet turbines.

After 23 years of building the Chevy Cavalier, GM's small-car credentials could stand a little hardening, too. During a recent lull in California's monsoon season, Chevy allowed a press gaggle to turn miles in Cobalt models, including the hp, 2.

Initial skepticism ran at redline. The Cobalt shares General Motors' front-drive Delta platform with the Saturn Ion, the sensational belly-flop of model year How good could the bow-tie version be? As it happens, it's astoundingly good--an Olympic long jump for GM, from dead last to the head of the class, right up front with the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic. You may have already gleaned that from our first Cobalt preview last July. Forward of your feet is an extensively reworked version of GM's Ecotec 2.

Headlining the Ecotec's internal mods are a forged steel crank, sodium-filled exhaust valves, an oil cooler, and oil-jet cooling of the pistons. The package supplies horsepower at rpm and pound-feet of torque at rpm--all saddled to about pounds.

A boost gauge on the left A-pillar twitches to the rhythms of the blower. Other accouterments include a better stereo, leather seats with body-color inserts, and a leather-wrapped shifter and steering wheel. Chevy will offer a Performance package early this year, price as yet unknown, with Recaro seats and a Quaife limited-slip diff.

Steer the SS Supercharged into a corner with confidence.

GM handling guru John Heinricy, director of high-performance vehicle operations and a dinkum racer himself, has already been there times before, sharpening out the understeer and flattening out the roll and wallow. They replace the base Cobalt's FE1 suspension and its steel arms. The rear stays a Cobalt-standard twist-beam axle. Tuning the forward control arms' all-important bushings, which must be both squishy for bump absorption and firm for handling, was a trick, said Heinricy.

Special high-stiffness bushings with small air pockets for shock absorption supplied the necessary compromise in ride and handling, and engineers devised a calibration for the electric-assist steering that keeps effort relatively low but precision surprisingly high. Over the twisting trails of Santa Barbara County, a Quaife-equipped SS laid the power down smoothly and ate the apexes with fast reflexes and stable course control.

cobalt ss hp

The Dodge SRT-4 supplies more horsepower and torque for a few hundred bucks less, but it's a rough-and-tumble street fighter.

The Cobalt SS Supercharged trades on its refined civility, two words we don't normally associate with a GM economy car. But then cobalt isn't a metal we normally consider precious. New Cars. Buyer's Guide. Type keyword s to search.

Chevrolet Cobalt SS

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cobalt ss hp

But you'd figure Chevy 's successor to the Cavalier to be about as invisible as a minivan at a Cub Scout picnic. So when a late-night run on L. Do they think the Cobalt SS is cool or an intruder in their midst? Okay, the SS sports a huge rear wing, the four round taillamps say Corvette, and the not unattractive body hunkers down around fender-filling inch wheels. On paper at least, supercharged horsepower is rich for a pound compact coupe.

The Cobalt SS seems to talk the sport-compact talk. But Chevy has slapped the SS badge on more than a few tepid sedans dolled up with stripes and scoops in the postmusclecar era. Yes and no. The Cobalt SS is amazingly smooth and quiet at idle, thanks to premium touches like fluid-filled engine and transmission mounts and sound-absorbent, quiet steel in the front bulkhead. In this regard, it feels like a more expensive car. Yet, blip the throttle, and there's a jaunty bark out the 4.

Don't bother to rev the SS to heady levels to make power; the car builds speed fast, almost stealthily, and carries it well. There's no coming on the cam feel, just rich, electric torque max pound-feet at rpm across the rpm band courtesy of a Roots-type Eaton blower pumping 12 psi of boost.

The supercharger emits a delightfully mechanical but not overpowering whine when you step on the gas. Though throttle tip-in can be abrupt, torque steer is minimized; even with heavy throttle applications, the steering keeps its composure and doesn't tug to one side or get light and tentative. An intermediate front driveshaft effectively makes the two outboard shafts equal length, helping minimize the windup effect. A Quaife limited-slip differential, part of the optional Performance Package on our test car, keeps the SS hooked up, preventing the inside front tire from going up in smoke while accelerating into a turn.

The standard leather-wrapped steering wheel is a tactile touch point, imparting feedback and grain to the driver. The steering itself is a precision slicing-and-dicing tool for placing the car on the road, free of hunting, correcting, and sawing back and forth. Pick a line through a corner, and the car follows. A direct-acting front anti-roll bar adds crispness to transitions. The Cobalt is fairly tossable for a front-driver; at the limit of lateral adhesion, you can play with under- and oversteer using the throttle.

Despite being slammed about half an inch from the base car just one finger fits between the top of the tire and the fendersthe SS suspension still has a lot of travel, and the twist-beam rear axle is well-behaved. Hit a big dip, bump, or swell midcorner, and the car doesn't get all foobar.

First Test: 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt SS Supercharged

Ride quality with the monotube shocks is firm but never punishing. Chevy took pains to reduce unsprung weight on the SS, switching to aluminum lower-control arms up front. The four-wheel discs serve up a confidence-inspiring firm pedal and heroic stopping power.

cobalt ss hp

Inside, standard leather seats, an A-pillar boost gauge, Pioneer seven-speaker stereo, and leather-wrapped shifter are pleasant surprises. And the optional Recaro seats are among the best at balancing sporty firmness and long-distance comfort.

But interior plastic, though better than Cavaliers of old, is hard and hollow and has a way to go to match lofty Japanese car standards. How good is it? In testing, the Cobalt SS is the fastest regular-production front-drive car through the slalom we've tested in three years, rocking through the cones even faster than the new Corvette Z If turned heads on the freeway are any guide, the Cobalt SS may be one of the best lures yet to get younger drivers coveting Chevrolets.

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