SentiMask is designed for development of augmented reality applications, which use real-time 3D face tracking technologies for motion capture and controlling 3D digital character's facial expressions or mapping animated avatars on user's face.

face ar sdk

The technology works with regular cameras and common PC or smartphones. Download Brochure PDF. Download day SDK Trial. SentiMask provides real-time 3D face tracking and facial expression estimation using video from a regular webcam or smartphone camera.

The possible applications of the SentiMask technology include:. The SentiMask 2. Home Company Company info. Job and career. MegaMatcher Accelerator.

FingerCell SDK. VeriLook SDK. Face Verification SDK. VeriEye SDK. VeriSpeak SDK. Video Surveillance SentiVeillance Server. For Integrators SentiVeillance. SentiBotics Kit. Ultrasound Research Group. Large-scale Biometric Solutions.

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Product Advisor. Biometric for Integrators. Product Schema.

face ar sdk

MegaMatcher SDK. VeriFinger SDK. SentiVeillance SDK. Custom projects. Biometrics for End Users. Video Surveillance. NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud or on-premise systems available. NPointer Freeware app for Windows.

Check My Age Free Android app. Biometric Scanners. Supported devices. Fingerprint readers Unlikely there is a person who has never heard of augmented and virtual reality hypes driving the tech world insane now. Though building a quality augmented reality app is easier said than done. Here we cast an eye on augmented reality frameworks for iOS or for Android, making a tiny comparison and helping you choose best augmented reality frameworks for mobile app development.

All of those minds have already come up with a few applications that have significantly changed the way plenty of things have worked for us. No monkey business - as you will be looking at a few examples-slogans presented below and showing how tightly those augmented perks have now intertwined with our reality.

This not only lets user move around the town, but also allows players to explore the zones they would never visit otherwise. Or your room, or just a furniture shift within your house. Location-based AR apps.

Beauty AR SDK

Ingress, Pokemon GO, Wikitude and many more fall into this category. This type unites 3 parametres - your GPS location, compass and accelerometer in order to give you the accurate data on what you see on the screen.

Projection based apps. It helps you to visualize if a costy sofa you are willing to buy is a good fit in terms of in-house capacity and atmosphere.

Face-recognition AR apps. Make Up Genius by L'oreal and freshly-launched Sephora Visual Artist back in the time this article was written are based on face-recognition technology. Once it recognizes the marker, it replaces it with a corresponding object. There also is a subcategory called digit recognition apps - the ones where you scan the symbols in real time and let the app recognize it.

It already has more than 20 languages that it can easily recognize, and their number is only growing with every forthcoming update.

All of the mentioned above products were built with various augmented reality SDKs and ar frameworks, as each library lets you create a measured number of features but there are a few we have dutifully investigated; and made a brief report on each of them.

Also, Kudan has commercial Business and Enterprise licenses with extra functionality. Overview: It is a widely-used open source augmented reality sdk, that enables a particular feature of computer vision. Simple CV offers 3 types of computer vision to choose: threshold function, edges method and keypoints finding feature. Who is it suitable for: augmented reality development team, who have been looking for an easy tool to implement computer vision for images or videos coming from webcams, Kinects, FireWire and IP cameras, or mobile phones.All the above algorithm capacity indicators are performance of latest video beautification SDK running on real business data sets.

The performance will be affected by the actual operation of equipment, data sets. The above figures are for reference only. You can integrate the SDK into your app and release in 24 hours. Multiple platforms supported. AR stickers, virtual background, face beauty and filters. Get them all. Contact Sales. Features AR Face Stickers High-precision face landmarks, fit all kinds of faces perfectly Track faces in milliseconds, robust against any facial expression or movement 30 frames per second on p HD.

Virtual Background High-precision body detection, separate human from background precisely Robust enough to handle most complicated and extreme scenarios Set customized backgrounds, achieve amazing special effects without green screen. Face Beauty and Reshape High-precision face landmarks, make exquisite beauty for you Face attributes-based skin-smoothing, face-whitening, rosy-face and filters Enjoy natural face beauty in multiple scenarios.

Face Beauty Face Reshape Face Sticker Virtual Background One year days One year days One year days One year days per platform per platform per platform per platform 35, 35, 50, 50,Face AR SDK is an online cross-platform face filter that allows online businesses to add augmented reality face filters to their apps and websites. It is even optimized for low-end devices and can be accessed offline. It also includes SFX support as well as a voice changer in its toolbox.

With its quote-based pricing model, you can still add to this list of functionalities by simply specifying the set of features that you need. Before you ultimately reach your goal of increasing your revenue and boosting organic traffic to your site, you need to keep your leads and customers interested. Face AR SDK does this job by allowing you to bring augmented-reality filters to your audience with the purpose of keeping them hooked to your app or website.

By providing an immersive AR experience, you can continue to delight and engage with them. Face AR SDK also banks on its wide range of filters that users can add as an overlay to their images. Its 3D rendering capabilities can give you hyper-realistic images as a result.

If you want to add to the existing library of filters yourself, you can easily do so with a personalized filter or effect. Whether you are developing a new app or simply want to add new features to your existing one, Face AR SDK can be easily installed to them. Should you come across any issues in the integration, support and consultancy are also available to you on agreed terms. Nonetheless, it is futile to try to chance on such application even among branded software solutions.

The practicable step to undertake can be to shortlist the various essential aspects that necessitate careful thought including major features, pricing, skill aptitude of staff members, organizational size, etc. The second step is, you must double down on your research exhaustively. Such detailed product research ascertains you steer clear of mismatched applications and subscribe to the one which provides all the tools you require business requires in sustaining growth. It's crucial to realize that virtually no software in the Gamification Software category is going to be a perfect solution that can fulfill all the requirements of various company types, sizes and industries.

It may be a good idea to read a few Face AR SDK Gamification Software reviews first as specific solutions can dominate just in a very small group of applications or be designed with a very specific type of industry in mind. Others might function with an intention of being simple and intuitive and consequently lack complicated functionalities desired by more experienced users.

You can also come across services that focus on a broad group of customers and give you a rich feature toolbox, but that usually comes at a higher price of such a software. Be certain that you're aware of your needs so that you pick a solution that provides exactly the elements you search for.While they will most probably share the most typical features, some of them will have unique solutions and systems that will be very important to your business.

If you spend some time comparing other Face AR SDK alternatives you will surely find other products with similar or even better ratings. This software is a cloud-based platform for managing and distributing digital rewards for company employees or business customers. While Xoxoday Plum allows you to run reward programs at scale, it also measures not just the effectiveness of the program but also its potential return on investment.

Web-based sports registration platform for parents, coaches, team managers, league administrators and tournament directors. Badgeville, the 1 gamification and behavior management platform, enables companies in every industry to increase high-value user behavior. It's price starts at By quote. However, you may want to consider other Gamification Software products that got even better scores and satisfaction ratings. It may at times be a real challenge to find a trustworthy Gamification Software app that will not only match your needs but will also include your budget limits.

While you research various alternatives to Face AR SDK you may want to pay attention not only to functionalities but also to a wide range of factors such as price, quality of customer support, supported mobile devices and provided integrations.

With sufficient knowledge you should be able to get a service that is going to include all the things you need at an affordable price. Why is FinancesOnline free? FinancesOnline is available for free for all business professionals interested in an efficient way to find top-notch SaaS solutions. We are able to keep our service free of charge thanks to cooperation with some of the vendors, who are willing to pay us for traffic and sales opportunities provided by our website. Bandicam: No.

Xoxoday Plum Our score: 8. Xoxoday Plum. Badgeville Our score: 8. Product name:. Our Score:. Trajectory IQ.It has extremely fast and precise face detection, fast and robust eye, nose and chin detection.

DeepAR can track multiple faces in realtime with high performance, and is optimised for lower end smartphones. DeepAR has also developed a high performance, cross platform, rendering engine optimised for mobile devices and browsers applications. It delivers outstanding performance even on lower specification Android smartphones. DeepAR Studio allows you to focus on creating incredible assets rather than focusing on building a complex Augmented Reality technology platform.

The DeepAR Studio allows you to use existing software like Maya and Blender to create deformable and rigid objects, video filters, video effects, animated and morphing objects, as well as particle effects. It enables super fast asset creation and testing. Currently we are optimised to detect and track up to four face simultaneously but more are possible. Stay tuned. DeepAR also has realtime emotion detection based on proprietary neural network and deeplearning models.

Augmented Reality SDK. Our Augmented Reality Platform explained. DeepAR Rendering Engine. DeepAR Studio. Multiple Face Detection. Realtime Emotion Detection.Have you ever dreamed of making your own Augmented Reality app? This article will help you increase your knowledge on Unity 3D and augmented reality development. This guide could be equally useful for beginners or skilled software developers. Intoruding Augmented Reality development for iOS, one of the biggest mobile platforms of today.

AR SDK - Get Started

ARKit supports 2-dimensional image detection trigger AR with posters, signs, imagesand even 2D image tracking, meaning the ability to embed objects into AR experiences. SDK allows developing apps that would recognize spaces and 3D objects, as well as place virtual objects on surfaces. A huge leap forward in it is multiplayer games to be able to share the AR experience with others.

This SDK enables making games that can be played, for instance, between two iPads by two different people. Kudos to Google. In essence, ARCore is based around 2 elements — real-time position tracking and integration of virtual and real objects.

It lets you place objects, texts, etc. Pricing : Free. Also, using Vuforia Object Scanner, you can scan and create object targets.

The recognition process can be implemented using the database local or cloud storage. Unity plugin is simple to integrate and very powerful. All plugins and functionalities of the platform are free to use but include the Vuforia watermarks. The limitations just relate to the number of VuMark and the number of Cloud recognition. Since this article has been initially written, Vuforia has released new advanced editions — Vuforia 7 December and 7.

Rolling out the biggest release, Vuforia presented new capabilities for AR content:. Wikitude is constantly improving their product, adding more and more functional features in each release. Wikitude offers the opportunity to try the free trial version with watermark and the full power of the platform.

face ar sdk

How so? Because with it you could do everything in JavaScript, Unity or other extensions no need to engage several developers for separate languages and just make few tweaks for two systems. The generation of image database is online via Target Manager, but you can also request for a module that allows to train target image offline at a cost. In Unity Editor Maxst works with both bit and bit.

The free version differs from paid only by a watermark. The library is very easy to use and in integration. The official website has full and easy to understand documentation.

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