Forgot your password? Welcome to our Talents page for Valla. Here, we give you an overview of how strong each of Valla's talents is. Then, we present several viable builds, before analyzing each talent row separately, so that you can make informed decisions. This standard build provides superior area of effect damage and ease of use at the cost of single-target damage. As key Talents, Punishment and Arsenal allow you to reliably damage multiple enemies at once with Multishot.

This burst build provides superior single-target burst damage and Mercenary Camp control at the cost of sustained damage and being weaker against mobile Heroes. Key Hungering Arrow -related Talents allow you to frontload your damage to threaten isolated enemies. This specialised attack build provides superior sustained single-target damage at the cost of personal safety.

Key Basic Attack-related Talents allow you to become a very threatening damage source, provided your teammates can protect you well. Drop 3 Caltrops while Vaulting. Quest: Spend seconds at 10 stacks of Hatred.

single i valla

Reward: Vault cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds and its Mana cost is reduced from 50 to Monster Hunter is particularly effective on Battlefield of Eternity, where it can be used to take down the Immortal with ease. Caltrops 's most important bonus takes a while to attain, whereas the Caltrops themselves are less than impressive for even kiting purposes. Hot Pursuit 's movement speed increase allows you to keep up with or kite most targets with ease, greatly improving your Basic Attack uptime.

The Mana regeneration is very useful as well, allowing you to liberally use Abilities. Quest: Hitting an enemy Hero with the initial impact of Hungering Arrow increases its damage by 5up to a maximum of Reward: After gaining bonus damage, gain an additional 75 bonus damage and Hungering Arrow also bounces 1 additional time. Quest: Use Basic Attacks against Heroes. Puncturing Arrow requires good accuracy with Hungering Arrow to see any benefits. To most common Valla builds, these benefits are marginal; the damage, however, can add up quite quickly for Monster Hunterand synergizes well with other Hungering Arrow-related Talents.

Punishment provides a significant increase to the damage of Valla's most important offensive Ability.If you want the long version, link is in the original thread below. Timestamps are in the video description. It is inconsistent. The important breakpoint is 1. To reach this breakpoint for each weapon type, you need the following:. No attack speed roll on gear.

single i valla

No attack speed on gear. Does work on single targets. May be wise to strafe weave at a slightly slower pace. Bug with using dual or triple generator setups while strafe weaving. Unfortunate as the setup is already a handful to play. This is NOT a one man effort! The video could have been condensed a bit further! Maybe make a video of this video of the original video! Even tho i dont like this set playstyle, im glad that someone took care of it for people who like it. Thanks so much to all the testers and special thanks to DioEX.

single i valla

Thank you and all who contributed for the great effort! Am I correct in assuming the above attack speed setups involve attack speed on weapon? Technically, yes, but the benefit would be minor as the chances of spawning additional primaries would be slim. You could go for the 2.In she briefly served as Norwegian Minister of Justice. Valla grew up on a farm near Bjerka in Hemnes municipality, Nordland. Their father was active in the Norwegian Agrarian Associationand her brother Nils Valla would become a national leader of this organization.

Gerd-Liv Valla moved to Hemnesberget to complete her primary education, and to Mo i Rana for upper secondary school. While living in Mo, she competed for Mo IL in middle distance running and set a Northern Norwegian record in the metres. Valla has a major degree in political sciencewith minors in social anthropology and public law. She graduated as cand. She headed the Norwegian Student Union — KUL eventually split in over strong controversy within the group due to differing views on Stalin ; Valla supported the pro-Stalin faction within the group during the struggle between the stalinists and the anti-stalinists.

For seven years she was married to historian Harald Berntsen. Together they have a daughter. Valla left the government in latewhen Prime Minister Jagland announced his cabinet's resignation as a result of the In January Valla was accused of harassment and of having an authoritarian management style by Ingunn Yssen, who had been the director of the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions's office for international affairs and previously served as Valla's state secretary in the Ministry of Justice.

This became known as the Valla affair and sparked enormous media interest in Valla, generating heated debate over her future as leader of the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions. Ivar Hippe was one of her political consultants when the controversy started.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Valla scandal. Gerd-Liv Valla. Nationen in Norwegian. Retrieved Archived from the original on June 22, Retrieved February 28, Categories : births Living people People from Hemnes Labour Party Norway politicians Government ministers of Norway Norwegian state secretaries Norwegian trade unionists University of Oslo alumni Norwegian female middle-distance runners Women government ministers of Norway 20th-century Norwegian women politicians 20th-century Norwegian politicians Norwegian women state secretaries.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Leader of the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions —Valla is quite squishy, but otherwise her damage output is insane to compensate for that. And her W build is the best imo against squishies. While I do agree with the consensus that Valla is a bit undertuned compared to the recently released Heroes, she desperately needs a small health buff.

I see some people call for different buffs, but I think giving Valla the health buff will kill two birds with one stone. But you have to be careful with giving a versatile assassin like Valla health buffs.

single i valla

I remember a time when Valla and Greymane were at the top of the double healer meta just because they were the most versatile assassins in the game due to their ability to:. Survivability wise: YES. She made of paper. She is pretty strong. I have been on these forums too much, i expected this to be a rant of how OP she is. Valla is my top 10 heroes. I always do the most damage, kill and least die. She is a great hero, she has a very simple mechanics.

Simple mechanics clearly shows the difference between a good and a weak player, reflexes and precision are very important. Hanzo plays more like a mage then a marksmen and he has a bow. It took them forever to rework raynor Valla has been out of HL meta since I started. League has ashe,caitlyn,corki,draven,graves,jinx,jhin,kai,miss fortune,sivir,tristana,qunn,vayne,varus etc etc.

She needs a HP buff. Rework Tass and then adjust her. Same thing goes for Tracer. I find Valla to be a bit General Discussion.

GrandArbiter 13 January 2. Copypastable 13 January 3. WereElf 13 January 4. Vitriuz 13 January 5. I remember a time when Valla and Greymane were at the top of the double healer meta just because they were the most versatile assassins in the game due to their ability to: Take mercenary camps Doing both Basic Attack or Ability damage Function as carry Heroes if babysitted Having high mobility in or out of combat.

Fenix and raynor are just OP, nerf them and valla is fine. Kilometer 14 January Now, with no people to call her own, her only allegiance is to her cause: to rid Sanctuary of the demonic filth corrupting its lands.

Valla is a well-rounded Assassin that's mobile and can deal high sustained damage. This section concerns content exclusive to Diablo universe. In the world of Sanctuary Demon Hunters are spoken of in whispers. They are as feared as the demons they hunt and for good measure. Vallalike all demon hunters, walks a fine line between the tides of corruption from the enemies she faces and giving in to the sea of writhing hatred that fuels her quest to rid her world of the forces of Hell.

The only thing that saves her is her incredible discipline that tempers all of her actions since answering the call of her order. Valla's story starts many years ago when she was a young child. She lived a quiet life in a small town in the Eastern Kingdoms with her parents and younger sister Halissa.

Her life changed when a demon horde descended upon her community and butchered everyone. Valla and her sister were the only two to survive the slaughter, her parents and everyone else she had ever known were mercilessly killed by the demons.

Valla and Halissa ran into the forests surrounding her home for safety. Eventually the stress of narrowly surviving a demon attack, living like an animal in the woods and the constant fear that they would be discovered became too much for Halissa to handle and she snapped in the middle of a violent rain storm.

Heroes of the Storm Valla Build Guide

Valla chased after her sister to try and protect her. Valla tried desperately to save her, but the rain made her grip too slippery, the current was too strong. The last Valla ever saw of Halissa was her being taken by the river. Valla would soon be found by a band of Demon Hunters that were tracking the horde responsible for killing her village and thus began her life as one of their order. It would take many years for her to temper her hatred with the discipline needed to face powerful demons.

She would face a powerful demon called Valdraxxis who used her memories of her lost sister against her, but this only would serve to strengthen her resolve and allow her to finally realize her true potential as a Demon Hunter. Valla would later play an integral role in the saving of Sanctuary as she fought mercilessly against the Lords of Hell and she would eventually bring down the Prime Evil, Diablobefore he could destroy the High Heavens. Her duty is not yet over though as Death itself has now come to challenge her Valla is a highly versatile and sustained Ranged Assassin who can whittle down the enemies with fast auto attacks.

Hatred empowers Valla's Basic Attacks and increases her movement speed. This allows her to put an extreme amount of pressure on anything within her Basic Attack range. Her fast base attack speed somewhat helps with this, however, stutter-stepping truly is the key to making the most out of Hatredand Valla as a whole. Her on-demand area of effect damage and poke allow her to reliably deal damage in all situations. However, her relative fragility makes her a high priority target for the enemy.

Valla and E. Sign In. From Heroes of the Storm Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Valla "I stand ready.Other Builds. Created January 15, It has strengths over the other two prominent Valla builds Hypercarry and Death Dealer in its independence from Hatred stacks and amount of burst damage.

Hot Pursuit will do more for you in teamfights both return mana, Hot Pursuit gives movement speed as well. Take Puncturing Arrow for immortal race on Battlefield of Eternity and boosts to your mercenary camp clear. Quest: Hitting an enemy Hero with the initial impact of Hungering Arrow increases its damage by 5, up to a maximum of Reward: After gaining bonus damage, gain an additional 75 bonus damage and Hungering Arrow also bounces 1 additional time. This can instantly delete about half the roster at this point, and your kill potential only gets better down the line.

Valla is able to move and use Vault while strafing. Lasts for 4 seconds. Strafe: More overall DPS including single target, if you keep them as your closest enemy for the entire durationretains Hatred stacks. Gloom if you're worried about getting deleted by big burst, otherwise Siphoning Arrow. Basic Attacks now grant 2 stacks of Hatred. There are no comments for this build.Valla: A Detailed Breakdown. Playing since closed Alpha. Genji Q Build. Overview Hello again, and welcome to another installment of "A Detailed Breakdown".

The focus today falls on one of the original heroes of the HotS roster, Valla. She has been around since the game first released, and has virtually always been a viable pick to varying degrees over time, of course. Last year, she was a highly contested pick in competitive play thanks to the prevalence of the "trinity" Tassadar, Auriel, and a "battery" to charge Auriel's healing, typically Lunara or Valla.

A number of nerfs to these heroes, Auriel in particular, have dropped the potent combo out of favor, but Valla herself remains a strong pick even outside of this. One major appeal of Valla is the fact that she has a multitude of viable builds, allowing her to build around the enemy team and adjust as she needs, based on the way any individual game is shaping out. Before we get into builds and talents for this Demon Hunter, let's first take a look at what Valla's basic abilities are, to get a better idea of what we will be working with.

Last 6 seconds. Can hit an enemy multiple times.

Single-Target Burst Valla (Q build)

Quest: Hitting an enemy Hero with the initial impact of Hungering Arrow increases its damage by 5, up to a maximum of Reward: After gaining bonus damage, gain an additional 75 bonus damage and Hungering Arrow also bounces 1 additional time.

Valla is able to move and use Vault while strafing. Lasts for 4 seconds. Lasts 5 seconds. Each enemy Hero hit by a grenade reduces the cooldown of Multishot by 2 seconds. Drop 3 Caltrops while Vaulting.

Quest: Spend seconds at 10 stacks of Hatred. Reward: Vault cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds.

Lorenzo Valla

Quest: Use Basic Attacks against Heroes. If this attack kills its victim, the Mana cost and cooldown of Vault are refunded. Stores 2 charges. Stores up to 2 charges.

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